Riot in Tibet

I believe many people already know something happened in Tibet recently, but how many people really know what was exactly going on there?
I see TV, I read newspaper, I listen to radio and I feel so angry about the media here (in Canada, in US, in Europe). Everything is so biased, I don’t know whether all the western journalists are brainwashed to hate China or because most western people hate China so much that all journalists just faked the truth to please them.
I am so sorry to see what is so called “righteous” western media shows its real face to the world but not so many people can see the truth.
I would like to ask everybody to spend some time to see something you may never be able to see from your news channel.
Michael Parenti – Tibet: Friendly Fuedalism?
Riot in Tibet: True face of western media
Seven Lies about Tibet and His Holiness
Tibet WAS, IS, and ALWAYS WILL BE a part of China
Why They Hate China
Our Voice
FREE TIBET!!1 Here’s the Truth
In response to Tony Martin (in relation to the Tibet issue)
China and Tibet’s history long and connected
Tibet: The Truth (oppression, monks, nuns… you’re wrong)


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