Moving is like hell

After one busy day’s moving, we finally got into the new suite. It was damn TIRED, we spent 3 weekends to pack all our stuffs, with alomst 40 boxes. I don’t know much time we need to unpack everything. Right now what you can see inside is just a mess everywhere. I feel kind of scared to mve next time, since we plan to buy a house for ourselves within the year, which means we have to move again after 1 year.
We ordered TV cable and hi-speed Internet, but Rogers technician won’t come until July 3 afternoon. But anyway it doesn’t really matter, since we do need a lot of time to tidy up the rooms. July 1st is Canadian Day, a long weekend, a good time for us to take use.
I updated my new home phone number in my MSN personal information.
After everything is cleaned up, I will take some photos of new home, I will search my hard drive to see if I still can find some pictures of old home.

One Response to Moving is like hell

  1. Yingchun says:

    GXGX!Waiting for your pictures.I will have maternity leave from next week to the end of this year. My baby will be a girl.


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